Optix, The ring Stick

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Some months ago I participate in this curious product commercial.

For Optix Studio in Germany.


I did animation on the Girl’s hair and the hands with the ring.


hope you all like it!


My work in Smurfs The Legend of Smurfy Hollow

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Some months ago I had the chance to do some animation for the project Smurfy Hollow from Sony Animation.

I worked as part of the animation team of Sergio Pablos The Spa Animation Studios.

It was great to do this little blue creatures since this were one of my favorites cartoons and comic books when I was a little kid.

I hope you like to see some good old 2d traditional animation!


Reno Armanet short film OA running for Oscar Selection

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I had the pleasure of animating the short film OA along with my good friend and Director and co-founder of TigoboAnimation Studios, Reno Armanet.

Now the short film is running for the Oscar selection.


The animated short film OA will be screened at:

Laemmle Theatres, Royal (room)

11523 Santa Monica Blvd.

West L.A., CA 90025

The dates for the screenings are:


Friday 6th – Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th at 11:25 am & 12:25 pm

And on Sunday at 12:25 pm the screening will have the presence of the director Reno Armanet

If you’re near, go and support this great short film, you’ll have a great time for sure.

or if you’re not around, you can always put a “like” in the TigoboAnimation Facebook page.

SUPPORT OA on its new facebook PAGE/// LIKE OA///

Wacom Cintiq Companion is finally out!

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I had the opportunity to put my hands on the brand new device that Wacom had released a few days ago.

I was asked to participate in the opening campaign for this new device and here it is the video that shows the device and some of the technical details.

I use the device for one day and I have to say that I’m amazed with it.

Probably I’ll write a more deep review about it when I can get me one and work with it a bit, but so far I can say that it is a very powerful device.

Full Windows 8 OS, intel i7, 8gigs of fast ram, and the bigger model comes with a 500 gigs fast hard drive. Several usb’s 3.0, two cameras Internet access by WIFI.

Possibility of install any software package you may need, it is a full portable computer so the same possibilities here than there.

In resume, a very powerful computer condensed in the format of a Cintiq 13hd, with all the specs of the Wacom Cintiq products.

It is the perfect companion for sketching on the go, or use those dead hours of wait in the airport while traveling to your studio after a meeting overseas!

More info about it when I can try one for a longer period!

You can follow it too on Facebook Wacom’s Creative Pro’s


Ari Folman’s The Congress international Trailer

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The new feature film of Ari Folman (Waltz with Bashir) The congress will open the Director’s Fortnight at Cannes.

I’m proud to say that I been part of the animation team for this great movie, I’m anxious to see it!

The movie, it is a mix between parts of live action and traditional animation.

Despite of what many sites say, there was no rotoscopy on the film, or at least, not in all the scenes and sequences I did :)

Starring Robin Wright and Harvey Keitel between other renowned actors like Paul Giamatti and Danny Huston.

IMDB link

Enjoy the Trailer and I hope that soon when the movie releases I can post some of the rough animation I did for the film.

Latest Oreo commercial Wonderfilled

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We just finish this lovely commercial of the famous Oreo’s cookies.

I did animation for  some scenes,

The opening scene with the cookies and the wolf  putting it down his throat

The one with the piggies and the wolf skating.

The shark sharing the Oreos with the seals and the giant squid.

It was an intense month and a half of animation and production, nice to work with this team of Director and Animators and Producer.

My congrats to all the team and hope to share more experiences in the future!

Director:  Martin Allais

Producer: Maria Soler Chopo

Animators: Pere Hernández, Javi Vaquero, Pablo Navarro, Dani Alcaraz.

Hope you enjoy the animation!


Rough animation for the feature film Le Jour Des Corneilles

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Now that the movie had been released I can post my work for this feature film.

Le Jour Des Corneilles.

I did traditional animation for some of the main characters in the film, supervisor of this scenes was Daniel Alcaraz

The studio for which I worked was Studio 352

Hope you like to see some good old traditional animation!

jdc_01_bigThe movie had been released so you can find it on DVD or Bluray I think.


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