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Animation Critique, online feedback for animators.

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Hi to you all!

I’m happy to announce that Animation Critique it is up and running!

Animation Critique by Eric Lessard, it is an online platform to submit your animation shots and get professional advice, feedback and guidance from professional animation directors…….me included   🙂

Please check it out and have a look what the site have to offer you!


I’m very exited to be part of the team that will review and advice your animation.

All artists that are involved in this nice project are passionate by the craft, and we love to see your work and help you improve on it!

Hope to see you soon there,  and if you know a fellow animator that may need some feedback….well, don’t be selfish and share this secret weapon with him  🙂


Cheers to you all!



Reno Armanet short film OA running for Oscar Selection

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I had the pleasure of animating the short film OA along with my good friend and Director and co-founder of TigoboAnimation Studios, Reno Armanet.

Now the short film is running for the Oscar selection.


The animated short film OA will be screened at:

Laemmle Theatres, Royal (room)

11523 Santa Monica Blvd.

West L.A., CA 90025

The dates for the screenings are:


Friday 6th – Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th at 11:25 am & 12:25 pm

And on Sunday at 12:25 pm the screening will have the presence of the director Reno Armanet

If you’re near, go and support this great short film, you’ll have a great time for sure.

or if you’re not around, you can always put a “like” in the TigoboAnimation Facebook page.

SUPPORT OA on its new facebook PAGE/// LIKE OA///

Cartoon Connection Quebec is a wrap!

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I was invited to give a Masterclass at the Cartoon Connection event in Quebec City, Canada.

Thank you to all the passionated people who attended the conference, it was a pleasure to share and to spend time with you all!

I hope that you all went out of that room motivated and inspirated to create great animation performances and continue your careers with passion!


Thank you Cartoon Connection and thank you great animation people!

All the best!

New interview on

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A few days ago I was contacted from the web site to do a interview.

We did it and it is posted on the web site, you can read it at


The web site creators wish to interview all people related to animation, an interesting project.

So far they have more than 600 interviews about people working in animation, and mine is another one grossing the lines, so if you’re interested in animation, just surf the website and you’ll find a lot of insight of this art form called animation.

Hope you enjoy!


Compania Perfecta, interview to Pablo Navarro…… :)

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Hi to ya’ll

A few years back, the blogger Ruth, made me a interview for her site Compania Perfecta, A blog dedicated to animation.

We spend 4 hours talking about animation and life…….is hard to come to me and ask a question about animation……you know….you should have in mind that I’m gonna talk for hours about the subject 😉

Anyways, Ruth had managed to resume those 4 hours in a interesting interview, I invite you all to take a look to Her blog and website, she’s a great artist too!

For the English speaking people:

Sorry, the interview was made and writen in Spanish….maybe with auto translation may work for you guys.

Interview Link

Compania Perfecta

Ruth2m Blog

I hope ya’ll enjoy the read!

Creative Talent Network Expo Animation Insiders panel.

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Last year I was invited to give a talk along with great animators like Andreas Deja, Tony De Rosa, Victor Navone and Eric Goldberg.

It was a great experience to be there, and now I can share it with you all.

Many interesting things had been said over there, I hope you enjoy it!

Only one thing can I say……OMG! Is that my voice?! why I sound like that!!!! 🙂

For more info on the pannel, follow this link:

Or if you’re interested in CTN or CTNX follow this links:

And I will like to share with y’all too a couple of videos from CTNX 2010, from very good friends of mine, they gave panels too, and I find what they had said interesting, I hope you find it interesting too!

Headless productions Panel:

Sergio Pablos Talking about Animation:


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Hi to ya’ll

In this  upcoming edition of ANNECY Animation Festival, TigoboANIMATION STUDIO Renaud Armanet and I will give a 4 days Masterclass since 13th to 16th June 2011.

If happens that yo’re around in the festival, and you’ll like to share 4 days of passion for animation, this is your chance.

We will be talking about:

Animation and experimental full animation.

Visual development.

Prepparing your portfolio and demo for school or job applyances.

Review and advice of Personal Projects.

If you want to apply please reffer to :

or if you need more info relate to the original masterclass website.

Hope to see you there!