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Venus & the Sun rough animation

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Hi to ya’ll!

Like I promised in a past post,as soon as I can I’ll upload some rough animation from the short film Venus and the Sun.

What you’re about to see here is rough animation and tie-down animation, all done digitally and with the fantastic WACOM CINTIQ 21x tablet.

The perfect tool to keep 2d traditional animation alive and well! 🙂

I’ll like to remind that the short film was the first short film to be released has a APP (application) for the iphone, ipod and Ipad. Available for download at Itunes APPS store since 14th March!

Soooooo here we go!

Sc003 rough Animation:

Sc003 Tie-down Animation:

Sc004 Rough Animation:

Sc004Tie-down Animation:

Sc005 Rough Animation:

Sc005 Tie-down Animation:

Sc006 Rough  Animation:

Sc006 Tie-down Animation:

Sc007 Rough  Animation:

Sc007 Tie-down Animation:

Sc008 Rough  Animation:

Sc008 Tie-down Animation:

Sc009 Rough  Animation:

Sc009 Tie-down Animation:

Sc010 Rough  Animation:

Sc010 Tie-down Animation:

Sc011 Rough  Animation:

Sc011 Tie-down Animation:

Sc011b Rough  Animation:

Sc011b Tie-down Animation:

Sc012 Rough  Animation:

Sc012 Tie-down Animation:

Sc014 Rough  Animation:

Sc014 Tie-down Animation:

Sc015 Rough  Animation:

Sc015 Tie-down Animation:

Sc016 Rough  Animation:

Sc016 Tie-down Animation:


And finally, the whole bunch of scenes put together in a WIP file 🙂


And that’s all folks!

I hope you enjoy watching, and don’t forget to pay a visit to the itunes store and get your copy of the short film, with the final colors and integration of the image looks amazing!

Visit too the web site:

Venus and the Sun finally done!!! Premier coming soon!

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Hi to ya’ll, Venus and the Sun, is a short film in wich I’ve been directing animation, and done several parts of the animation myself, had come to a end!

After a long month of hard work, coffe, and afterhours, the great team of artists had finished a nice piece of live action and animation!

Venus and the Sun is a short film starring the beautifull model Kelley Hazel in her first step into her new career as an actress. She stars alongside comedian and comedy actor Will Smith (THE THICK OF IT) and Ukweli Roach (STREETDANCE 3D).

Based on myths from Ovid’s Metamorphoses, the film was written by Reuben Grove, produced by Andy Brunskill and directed by Adam Randall.

Animation Direction done by Pablo Navarro.

Animation producer Lottie Hope.

The film premieres in London on the 10th March, 2011 at the Rich Mix Cinema, Shoreditch with after party at CONCRETE.

On 14th March 2011 Venus & The Sun will be available worldwide online from and as part of an App from the App Store.


You guys can check on some old posts some of the character design I’ve made for the short film.

Soon, once the film is released I’m gonna upload some of the rough animation, so ya’ll can enjoy some rough lines creating the “illusion of life” 😉


Follow the link bellow for more info on the short film.

Venus and the Sun

Posted in Character Design, Short Films with tags , , , on August 13, 2009 by pablonavarro

I’m working too in another short film, titled Venus and the Sun.

Some time ago, my friend Lottie Hope (animation producer of the short film) pass me a draft of the script, and I found it quite amusing and interesting!

So, almost a year after, the script is finished and the machine ready to start rolling!

Now I’m the animation director and I’m designing some of the characters that will appear in the short film.

The short film is a mix of live action footage and traditional animation.

The starring actress is Kelley Hazell, a sculptural top model, in what will be Her first step into acting.

To check on the synopsis and know more about this project check the links below

Here are some of the designs I been making for the film.

Here they are, some more designs for the short film, as you can see too in the official blog of the short film.

This time is the wild Boar that will chase one of the main characters, a nasty beast yeap!!

“And now for something completely different….” the new bulls for the project posted!

Thanks for watching!!

Tigobo Animation short film OA on the works

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I’m in France right now, Angouleme, working for a studio called Tigobo Animation.

Follow the link to see some work samples

I’m doing a short film with the independent filmmaker Renaud Armanet, the style of the animation is very rough and very loose, interesting to do and interesting to watch.

The short film is titled OA, and tells the internal journey to freedom of a men who’s been a  slave of society rules.

The short film already had won the presentation on the Cannes Film Festival, so we are working now to have the complete piece for the next year festival.

As soon as I can show something of the animation Ill post some of it here.

Here is a link on the website where you can see the short films in development

Reno is a great artist and very creative, so I can say that the short film will be awesome in the look  and style…….and of course in the animation!

I will post more stuff related soon!

Thanks for reading and visiting!

Silicon Monster Hits Town

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Here you can see a “Fake Trailer” that me and a bunch of animation artists had worked on.

It is a funny story behind this trailer, it was supposed to be a commercial, a big company ask Boolab to develop this commercial for a new campaign, but when the commercial was finished the company step back and canceled the campaign.

So all the hard work of months was in vane, but with a very smart move Boolab “re-use” the piece and transform it into a “fake trailer” now in competition in the International Fake Trailers Festival.

Take a look to it following this link, and if you like it, place a sincere vote on it!

Silicon Monster Hits Town Trailer

Here are some rough animation scenes I find belonging to this project, unfortunately I couldn’t keep all the scenes I’ve done.

Hope you enjoy watching some paper and pencil in action!