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It’s Always Summer with Popsicle® Animation spot.

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Few months ago, I did animation for this cool Popsicle spot.

Simplistic and nice design, very cool to animate really.

Enjoy some traditional animation!



Jose Cuervo The Blacksmith Limited Edition, fx animation.

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In 2014 I participate in this Jose Cuervo Limited Edition commercial.

I did FX animation, sparks, fire, steam, smoke and particles (except the steam in the final shot, which differs from the one I delivered)  Definitively easier to do in 2d traditional, than in a particle generator in CGI.

I did this gig for Unshiny Pictures, company based in Spain.

Enjoy some animation from the vault!



VolksWagen”ILLUSTRATED” animation

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Animation I did for a Volkswagen commercial  for Method Studios.

My part on the project was to animate the horses galloping.
Short collaboration, fast passing in the spot, but I hope you all can enjoy some of the animation there!

Anna de Codorniu spot

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one of the latest spots on where I did animation, specifically the last shot with the couple at the end.
enjoy some stylish animation from Glassworks Barcelona.

Optix, The ring Stick

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Some months ago I participate in this curious product commercial.

For Optix Studio in Germany.


I did animation on the Girl’s hair and the hands with the ring.


hope you all like it!


Latest Oreo commercial Wonderfilled

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We just finish this lovely commercial of the famous Oreo’s cookies.

I did animation for  some scenes,

The opening scene with the cookies and the wolf  putting it down his throat

The one with the piggies and the wolf skating.

The shark sharing the Oreos with the seals and the giant squid.

It was an intense month and a half of animation and production, nice to work with this team of Director and Animators and Producer.

My congrats to all the team and hope to share more experiences in the future!

Director:  Martin Allais

Producer: Maria Soler Chopo

Animators: Pere Hernández, Javi Vaquero, Pablo Navarro, Dani Alcaraz.

Hope you enjoy the animation!


Last year’s Top Trumps commercial

Posted in Animation, Commercials with tags , , , , , , on January 10, 2013 by pablonavarro

I was commissioned to do animation in a funny Top Trumps card game commercial.

The director was Martin Allais and the agency was The Corner, London based.

Hope you enjoy watching this colourful animation piece!