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Hi to ya’ll

In this  upcoming edition of ANNECY Animation Festival, TigoboANIMATION STUDIO Renaud Armanet and I will give a 4 days Masterclass since 13th to 16th June 2011.

If happens that yo’re around in the festival, and you’ll like to share 4 days of passion for animation, this is your chance.

We will be talking about:

Animation and experimental full animation.

Visual development.

Prepparing your portfolio and demo for school or job applyances.

Review and advice of Personal Projects.

If you want to apply please reffer to :

or if you need more info relate to the original masterclass website.

Hope to see you there!


New year, New Demo Reel!

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Well, with the new year it was time to update my demo reel, and here it is.

You’ll see some work done for TigoboAnimation Short film OA, directed by Renaud Armanet.

Plus some scenes from the trailer of Strange Case of Dad’s Missing Head, from Headless studios.

The only stuff that I could keep from Planet 51……..

And some of the usual suspects, El cid the Legend and Nocturna.

Well, hope you like it!


Reno Armanet – Pablo Navarro Masterclasses

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poster-Reno-PabloRenoaud Armanet and I, we are giving masterclasses and workshops for advanced students and professionals of animation media, as well as former studios or schools.

If you’re interested, you can require more information about the programs by visiting the site or contact Flavie Darchen at

Tigobo Animation short film OA on the works

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I’m in France right now, Angouleme, working for a studio called Tigobo Animation.

Follow the link to see some work samples

I’m doing a short film with the independent filmmaker Renaud Armanet, the style of the animation is very rough and very loose, interesting to do and interesting to watch.

The short film is titled OA, and tells the internal journey to freedom of a men who’s been a  slave of society rules.

The short film already had won the presentation on the Cannes Film Festival, so we are working now to have the complete piece for the next year festival.

As soon as I can show something of the animation Ill post some of it here.

Here is a link on the website where you can see the short films in development

Reno is a great artist and very creative, so I can say that the short film will be awesome in the look  and style…….and of course in the animation!

I will post more stuff related soon!

Thanks for reading and visiting!