Rough animation for the feature film Le Jour Des Corneilles

Now that the movie had been released I can post my work for this feature film.

Le Jour Des Corneilles.

I did traditional animation for some of the main characters in the film, supervisor of this scenes was Daniel Alcaraz

The studio for which I worked was Studio 352

Hope you like to see some good old traditional animation!

jdc_01_bigThe movie had been released so you can find it on DVD or Bluray I think.


5 Responses to “Rough animation for the feature film Le Jour Des Corneilles”

  1. Lovely 🙂 I really liked the rune of the girl!

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hi Laurent!
      Thanks! yes, most people seems to like that part too!
      cheers and thanks for the comment!

  2. (I meant run!)

  3. Hey Pablo! Long time no see! I’m impatient to see this new movie, it seems great! I finally watched “Nocturna” and it’s a very nice movie with excellent animation!
    See you soon!!

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hi David!
      Glad you can make it to watch Nocturna! and very glad you like it too!
      This new one is nice, nice story and animation too.
      Thanks for the comment and for watching!

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