Wacom Cintiq 24HD touch and 13HD

Since a few years back, I decided to give my animation desk and professional 16 field chromacolour animation disk a rest, and try the new tech that was coming out by that time.

Animation was going more and more into digital tools, and paper and pencils were more and more a thing of a near past.

So I switch those “analogic” tools for the new tech, a brand new Wacom Cintiq 21ux. Year 2008 I think….gosh times flies!


I was a bit reluctant to it, you know, how it is gonna feel to draw with a plastic stick over a plastic surface, but for my surprise I found out that the tech was working very well, and my animation was getting better by working with the tool and speeding up the production time.

The fact that I can just press a key and see a pencil test without capturing drawing by drawing was amazingly comfortable.

So little by little I just left the paper and pencil behind and got very used to this new tools, that in my opinion are the truly evolution of traditional animation, not CGI, not Flash animation cut-out style, no CGI with some traced texture like paper man short-film, no, this was the thing that could made traditional animation go into the new times.

Unfortunately the media and the market are not asking that much amount of traditional animation feature films, but nevertheless, most of them, the recent productions are going full digital, with some exceptions of course.

I got in contact with Wacom Company in Annesy animation festival, some years ago, and when they’ve seen my work, they offered me to become part of a program compound of professional artists and digital artists which together we would suggest, and give feedback to make those products better and better and most important with the features that us, the users of the tech, we missed or needed the most.

I made some beta testing and feedback sessions for designers and technicians on new products, and one of those was the inkling, an amazing and charming little device that scans your drawing as you are doing it with ink and paper and allows you to transfer those creations directly in software packages like adobe’s photoshop for further work. Very nice device if you’re a illustrator or a graphic designer, I haven’t found much use for animation artists, but sure it is very useful for other branches in the arts. Good for storyboarding on the go too.

Lately Wacom had brought out the new tech for their Cintiqs, following the intuos 5 tech, my Cintiq had intuos 3 tech, and worked beautifully by the way.

The new Cintiq’s had HD resolutions and a more accurate and sensible pressure levels.

So I thought that was about time to change, the specs and new design were charming so I change my Cintiq 21ux for the brand new Cintiq 24 HD touch.


It was a big change, and I mean big in all the senses of the word, bigger screen, and bigger area needed to put this incredible monster on my working table, but despite the size, I found out that the stand and the possibilities of moving it in a lot of positions made it more comfortable and less space requiring than my old Cintiq 21.

Always it is better to have a bigger area to draw, thats for sure, but you always end up drawing on the same area of the screen, zooming out and in of it, but the extra screen space it is cool for have tool’s panels and such without compromising your working area.

The touch capabilities are a blast, even though that my windows 7 don’t have a big big use for it, and not to say the softwares packages that are not yet well prepared for a multi-touch 10 digits system, but Wacom guys told me that they’ve been working closely with Microsoft and other companies so the new and upcoming versions of their softwares include a better use for all the touch possibilities. Like the brand new Windows 8.

Just imagine to pinch to zoom , move the canvas, even flip drawings like we used to do in animation desks with paper, that’ll be great.

You can always deactivate the touch capabilities, it is true that when drawing your palm can interfere with the pencil and make things you don’t wanna, I found out that to use a thick cotton glove to draw most of the times keep your palm out of interfering with the touch system…..or you can just turn it off when needed.

The express keys and touch rings, are very useful and they are one of my favorite features in this products, you can fully customize shortcuts on them and keep you hands away from the keyboard for longer periods of time, just using your time to draw and do shortcuts with your left (or right) hand resting on a side.

So far, the Cintiq 24 HD touch, have me amazed, I didn’t thought that will it be better or much improvement from the cintiq 21, but yes it does.

I have to say thought that it is not a portable device, Cintiq 21 was on the very limit of being portable ( I mean portable in a sense that you may take the Cintiq to a studio when you’re freelancing), but no way that you’re gonna want to move this to some other place when you install it, it weights around 30 something kilograms which is a lot, so have in mind that it is built for comfort not for speed 😉

In case of need of a more portable device, like was my case too, I travel a lot freelancing and giving conferences and such, and you need a more portable device in those cases.

I had the Cintiq 12, which was a very useful tool, small screen, but perfect to adapt to a laptop and extend the desktop and work on that area.

The screen was little, but it all relies in getting used to it, after a few hours, well, you get used and it works perfectly. I had made countless commercials overseas by carrying the Cintiq 12 with me!

It is like I said a perfect device for freelancers that need to bring their own equipment to the studios.

I have to say that the Cintiq 12 have a amount of cables that made the device a little bit annoying to install, imagine, install and uninstall every day you go to work….just painful, but, fortunately, Wacom just released the new Cintiq 13HD and all that was solved, just one cable and a very very comfortable and flat screen with a extra inch to work with!

I’m testing it right now and I can say that it works great, the express keys had changed a bit from previousCintiq 12 but again, it is getting used to it more than getting mad 🙂

Cintiq 12 was perfect for this kind of jobs in were you needed mobility (a laptop and the cintiq in the same bag for example), and now with 13HD, well, it just improved a lot this aspect, it is more mobile than the older model, less weight than your shoulder will appreciate and great resolution full HD, plus all the pressure levels of the Intuos 5 tech.

The pencil was redesigned and it is more comfortable that the other ones, less thick, better to grab and work comfortably.

Plus, if you have a Cintiq 24 and a 13, well you can use the pencils in both of them.

CIMG2550 CIMG2551 CIMG2552 CIMG2554 CIMG2555CIMG2556CIMG2560     CIMG2561 CIMG2563CIMG2557 CIMG2558CIMG2564

I know this is a kinda weird post on my blog, I’m not selling products 😉 I’m just telling my experience with it!

After all, it was what I did to give the leap of faith to the digital era, review and search for experiences on the net that gave me a better idea and make me go for it.

So I hope you find this useful and clarifying in some way.

And wait some more months in where Wacom will release the “dream Device” it’s gonna be awesome, all the artists that collaborate with Wacom and outside too had been screaming out loud for something like this, let’s just wait and see how far they go with the new device!

Cheers to y’all and keep the passion for art!


Technology is just a tool, and we have to be updated with it, it is very easy to become obsolete in no time within this times, but…..without skills, knowledge and craft, they are just merely tools.

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42 Responses to “Wacom Cintiq 24HD touch and 13HD”

  1. aldo figueroa Says:

    I’m really interested in the Cintiq 13HD, but just like the Cintiq 12ux, wacom does not show images of the power cable. What does the power cable look like, or to better rephrase the question, how big is the power cable to the Cintiq 13hd?

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hi ALdo,
      The power cable on the cintiq 13hd it is just a simple cable and transformer adapter.

      On cintiq 12 you had a power adapter, connected to a kind of hub box, in which you had to connect several cables to the computer and to the cintiq.
      On the 13hd you just have a transformer plugged into the wall, from there you just connect an extension that goes by a single cable that forks into 3, a usb to the computer, another one to the cintiq and the last one a HDMI to the computer.

      So we can say that you just need a single cable to connect the cintiq.
      Believe me when I say that it is much more comfortable than cintiq 12, I been using the cintiq 12 and it was a little bit annoying to plug and unplug it every time you needed to move.

      I hope this clarifies you doubts!

      look at the third picture counting from bellow, you’ll see the box with the cables packed in, top right corner you’ll see the small transformer, and bottom left, the only cable that you need to connect the cintiq.

  2. hola Pablo

    Estoy muy interesado en la cintiq 13, llevaba tiempo esperando qe saliera y ahora me planteaba añadir a su compra un protector de pantalla. Se que los primeros modelos de la 21 tuvieron serios problemas con rayaduras uso normal que se corrigieron en posteriores, pero tengo la duda con la de 13 pulgadas. ¿sabes si este modelo mantiene la resistencia a esas rayaduras? ¿te has planteado comprar protectores de pantalla?

    Muchas gracias por compartir tu experiencia

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hola Fernando,

      Lo de los protectores de pantalla, la verdad lo desconozco, en mi caso, no los utilizo, me molestaria al trazo creo.
      Sobre las rayaduras, no solo en las ultimas cintiqs, si no en todos los modelos, es un tema mas de tener cuidado y ser “responsable” dibujando mas que un defecto de fabricacion.

      Yo he vendido mi cintiq 21ux con 5 años de uso y la pantalla estaba casi como nueva, alguna minima rallita pero nada grave, y te aseguro que dibujo unas 12 horas al dia en estos aparatos 🙂
      Lo que yo recomiendo es trabajar de forma responsable, quitarse anillos, relojes, etc, cuidar que las mangas de tu ropa no tengan botones que puedan rayar la superficie.
      Eso por un lado, luego, utilizar un guante de algodon, yo compro guantes de camarero, les corto el dedo pulgar el indice y el medio y van perfectos, son baratos y se pueden lavar y volver a usar hasta que se deshagan 😉
      hay guantes de lycra en el mercado, los he usado pero no los recomiendo, sudas, y el sudor pasa igualmente a la pantalla……teniendo el mismo problema que dibujar con la mano desnuda.
      Es importante el uso de guantes porque: la mano suda y deja grasa en la pantalla, el sudor y la grasa retendran particulas de polvo en la pantalla, y es alli, donde podemos rayar la pantalla, porque esta mezcla hace una especie de pelicula esmerilante y al pasar el lapiz, bueno…vas esmerilando la superficie poco a poco.
      Sumado al guante te compras un buen limpiador de pantallas planas, que no contenga alcohol y cada dia o cada dos dias, o cuando lo creas necesario, le pasas con un paño y listo.
      esto a mi me ha servido y ha hecho que mis cintiqs esten casi sin rayas durante años, un poco de desgaste es normal dado el uso, pero de esta forma te evitaras rayas que dificulten la vision y el trabajo.

      Podria aconsejarte tambien la punta de los lapices, van muy bien las puntas felt tip, se desgastan rapido, pero son mucho mas suaves con la pantalla y se controla mejor el trazo, valen la pena, no tienes la sensacion de dibujar con plastico 😉

      Con esto no deberias tener problemas de rayas en mucho tiempo.

      Debo decir que he llegado a ver en estudios cintiqs con las pantallas tan rayadas que no se podia ver y al pasar el lapiz se notaban los zurcos……la gente en los estudios trata muy mal estas herramientas porque no las han comprado de su propio bolsillo, pero es eso, mas debido a un mal uso a que esto sea un problema del equipo.

      Ya vez, solo tener un poco de cuidado e ira muy bien.
      he intentar no apretar como si estuvieramos usando un lapiz H 😉 la presion la puedes regular, si presionas mucho, haz el lapiz mas sensible a la presion para no apretar tanto o configura bien el software y listo!

      Bueno, espero que esto te haya sido de utilidad, cualquier otra duda no dudes en preguntar!
      y enhorabuena si te compras la cintiq 13hd, la disfrutaras mucho


  3. Strahinja Says:

    hello , I am now looking in to buy a wacom tablet (for the first time) i wanna use it for digital painting and characters. I was gonna buy the 22HD but now they added the 13HD to the list , its pretty similar to the 22 from what i can tell minus the smaller screen ,and its more afordable. Can you help me out with a decision here ? 🙂

    thank you in advance

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hi Strahinj,
      First of all congrats on choosing a Wacom tablet! you’re gonna love it!
      Look at it this way, if you’re a professional and work a lot of hours on this tools, at the end what you need is to be comfortable, more than looking at the price. The price it is a very important point, but like I say if you’re gonna spend long hours working with the tool, on the long run what you need is performance and be comfortable. Both models 13hd and 22hd are great. Now, 13hd allows you a more “mobile” experience let’s say, I mean, if you freelance and need to move your laptop and your cintiq to a studio, well, the 13hd it is the perfect partner for it, on the other hand if you’re gonna use it more at home with a desk computer, well, the bigger screen it is a plus and it is more confortable to work with.Take a look to the new 22hd with mutitouch tech, they release it a few days ago!
      I use the 13hd when I have to bring my equipment to a studio, at my studio, I use the 24hd.
      Bigger it is not better too, I have a friend that he’s a great comic book artist and I know he used the cintiq 12 to do the pages and color in Painter, with the laptop on a little table and he was sitting on a couch with the cintiq on the lap 🙂
      So in resume, both are great tools, it depends on the use that you’re gonna give them, bigger screen it is more comfortable to work with softwares that have lots of panels and tools, the smaller screen can be difficult when the software have many panels and tools, but it is all a matter of prepping your work area and getting used to it, plus it is the perfect option if you’re on the move all the time.
      Have in mind that despite the size of the screen we tend to draw in just a small area of the screen, the rest of the screen is to have all your tools.
      Regarding technology, both share the same tech, so the pressure levels and accuracy are the same, and resolution of screen are both full HD.
      I’ll go for the 13hd if I have to move a lot, and the 22hd for a more stationary work.
      If the price it is a big point, go for the 13hd, bigger or smaller screen you’re gonna love this tools, and you always can buy a 22hd on a future with all the great work you’ll do with the 13 😉
      hope this help you, don’t hesitate in asking if any other doubt arises.

      • thank for such a nice expalination…i gona buy 13 cintiq as my work place is small.thak uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so much.really appreciate.

  4. Hola, primero muchas gracias por el post.
    Tambien estoy pensando comprar una, nunca he tenido una cintiq y solo queria hacerte una pregunta , ¿es posible ponerla en vertical para dibujar? La mayor parte de las ilustraciones que hago son en este formato y podría aprovechar mejor su tamaño.
    Solo eso, gracias y un saludo

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hola Carlos,
      De nada.
      Tienes que pensar que una Cintiq, no deja de ser un monitor extra donde puedes dibujar.
      Dicho esto,es posible utilizar la cintiq en posicion vertical, de la misma forma que puedes utilizar un monitor de forma vertical.
      Esto lo puedes hacer configurando la posicion de la pantalla en Windows (en Mac no lo se, no utilizo mac).
      La Cintiq 13hd en si no esta pensada para usar en vertical (pero puedes usarla) por lo que las express keys quedaran arriba o debajo segun hayas dispuesto la pantalla.
      Otro inconveniente de trabajar en vertical es que el stand o pie donde se posiciona la cintiq 13hd solo permite tenerla en posicion apaisada, por lo que si eliges trabajar en vertical deberas hacerlo con la cintiq reposando en la mesa o bien en tus manos como si se tratara de un block de dibujo.
      Pasar de trabajar en papel a trabajar en digital, conlleva algunos cambios, nunca sera 100 porciento exactamente igual a la experiencia de trabajar en papel, esto de la posicion de la pantalla puede ser una de ellas.
      Pero son detalles menores, lo interesante es acostumbrarse quizas a una forma de trabajo diferente y aprovechar los beneficios que ofrece el medio digital.

      Espero te haya sido util

      Un saludo,

  5. Hi , My Name is Kashif Imran, I am Artist and Designer, and I am user of intous since 2003, now I want to buy Cintiq 13 hd,
    beside the size of product , I want to ask what is there any difference of “functionality” between cintiq 13 HD and Cintiq 24 HD touch. just the difference of size and money? Thanks

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hi Kashif,
      Cintiq 13hd and 24hd touch are both great tools, in both of them you’ll have great pressure sensitivity and perfect responsiveness.
      Besides the price between both models, the 13hd does not have multi touch capabilities, which means you would not be able to pinch to zoom or stuff like that.
      cintiq 24hd touch too have a wider range of shortcuts possibilities due to the double express keys and touch rings in both sides, cintiq 13 have express keys and a touch ring in one side only.
      In resume, both are great products, and you will take advantage of both, I’ll recomend cintiq 13hd if you’re an artist who travels a lot, but if you want the cintiq to rest on your desk….well….24hd touch it’s the real deal!
      if it is a matter of budget, 13hd it is a magnificent tool to start with and latter on if you can afford it, you can add to your tools the 24hd touch.
      Hope the data was clarifying and useful

  6. Hello there! 🙂
    Probably my question will be considered as a stupid one but well I can allow it myself as I am surfing on the internet lol.
    So I already have my CIntiq 13 HD and it is pretty cool. I mean my previous tablet was Bamboo Pen which is not even designed for drawing so there is a little place for comparing 🙂 And because Cintiq is such a great device I am feeling a bit stressed to use it,… I will scratch it , I will damage it bla bla bla… Anyway I am sure that will get used with it… I followed the instructions for the installation but now I am not sure how to turn it off… I mean is it enough to just turn it off from the side button or I should unplugged it from my laptop and from the electricity power supply ? You see it’s stupid but I read somewhere that I risk to damage the screen or it can even get burned if I don’t do it properly. Could you tell me how do you proceed when you turn it off and on ( if you don’t have to switch between different pc or laptops)?
    Something else- I have no idea if it’s normal but the there is a considerable difference between my laptop screen brightness and the cintiq’s… I presume this is intentionally so it’s not so painful for the eyes but not sure..
    And finally I am also doing 2 animation and I share your point of view that everything went digital- that is why I have the Cintiq. I am interested what software do you use to make 2 D? TV paint, flash or something else?
    Thank you in advance for your answers !
    P.S. very nice review btw

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hi Marina,
      Well the jump from Bamboo to cintiq it is a big one isn’t it!?
      What you say it is absolutely normal, about being stressed to use the cintiq cause you think you can break it! it happens with everything, a car, a motorcycle, a phone….well, with everything that is new:)…..don’t worry that fear will pass!
      You don’t have to worry about scratching the screen by drawing on it! think that the pen and the nibs were designed to work together….and cause there it is no third party spare parts you can buy….well….you’ll use always Wacom pens and nibs so no problem there.
      I can give you a couple of advices for diminishing the risk of scratching the drawing surface. Most of them are common sense.

      Do not use the device carrying a wrist watch, or rings or any of those things…..long sleeves buttons can do damage either if you’re not careful.

      Try to use a glove to draw, I use cintiq since 2008 and I have zero scratches, I use a cotton glove that I cut off thumb point and middle finger out.
      Using a glove will avoid the typical hand sweat of going into the screen….this sweat with use will get particles of dust on it and this can harm the surface when you pass the tip of the pencil over this dirty surface. Even though this new cintiqs have a more resistant screen cover that diminish this effect….it is not a bad custom to use the glove to just be cautious about it.
      Use a flat screen cleaner, a good one, spend some bucks on it, no alcohol one. Every new day before starting to work and with the device turned off just clean the screen with a soft cloth, this and the glove will assure you a perfect no scratches screen for a looooong time!
      Try to use the felt tip nibs….those are great for drawing and they are softer than the hard plastic ones…..and if you were used or nostalgic to draw with a pencil…well, this nibs just give you that feeling of not drawing plastic against plastic 🙂

      About turning off the device….turning off from the side button should be enough. if you see a blinking light on one side it means it is not turned off, it is in stand by, to turn it off you have to keep pressed the button for several seconds.
      No need to unplug from the laptop and such….on the contrary, unplugging and plugging could make the HDMI port to have problems, so no need to unplug the device from the laptop or the wall socket.
      Think on the cintiq as a monitor, that is actually what it is, a monitor you can draw on it….so ….follow what you’ll do with a monitor.

      To switch from pc to laptop, yes you have to turn off the device, not sure that needs to be unplugged from the wall socket, but turned off should be a must, again common sense, the same thing you will do with any device, turn it off to move it around.

      Yes brightness in the cintiq is dimmed down, I saw that too, but thats absolutely normal, I have 2 cintiqs and 3 monitors, and none of them have the same color or brightness you know.

      About softwares I use to animate 2d traditional animation….well, it all depends on the studio that hires me you know, I animated with Flash, Toon Boom, tvpaint and even with photoshop; but if I have to choose I will definitively choose tvpaint.

      Well, I hope you find the info interesting and useful.
      Thanks for your comment and congrats for your cintiq 13hd!
      Keep drawing and keep the passion for animation!

      • Thank you a lot for answering all my questions! I will keep in mind your advice ( especially the glove one).
        Good luck ! 🙂

      • Hi again Pablo,
        … yes the difference between Bamboo and Cintiq is like having a Mercedes after having a pretty useful bicycle!
        Just forgot to ask you something. I can’t really call it a “problem” but have you noticed that there is something like grainy/ noisy texture on the screen. It is quite visible especially on a white canvas in photoshop or when I use bright colors. However, I believe it is some type of anti glare , screen protection. You
        had a lot of experience with wacom products, may I have your feedback on this topic.
        I hope it’s not some problem on my Cintiq…
        I promise , I won’t bother anymore :))

      • pablonavarro Says:

        Hi Marina,
        Don’t worry about asking, you don’t bother 🙂
        that grainy/noisy texture almost certain that is what I mentioned before, a kind of film created on the surface by sweat, dust, and some grease from our hands.
        identify the area were you feel this texture, pick up a soft cloth and clean without pressuring too hard, try to draw again in that area and see if it continues happening.
        Like I said before, it is better with a flat screen cleaner :).
        And a must to avoid this…the gloved hands 😉
        Plus, another thing can be that some of that dusty mixture got on the tip of the pencil, clean it too!

        It is true that with bright colors and white canvas you can sometimes see whats under the screen, I mean the plate with the sensor grid for the wacom to function….but maybe you’re getting too close to the screen 🙂

        Don’t go paranoid with the wacom XD, they’re very sturdy tools, designed for work and draw!
        Imagine, I use mine almost 14 hours a day… no rest for it and with those advises I gave to you, screen clean and clear as the first day!


  7. Hello!

    I would like to know if using a screen protector film would harm/damage the Cintiq 13″ HD screen in any way?

    Wacom says it is not or necessity (trey one neutral on the subject of screen protectors for their devices), however, if one wishes to use it over the Cintiq screen, they can do so.

    What do you think?



    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hi Lora,

      Well, the screen protector is a thing that many users ask about.
      It is true that Wacom guys they are ambiguous about using one.
      In the latests models, they had improved the surface so it is more resistant to scratches.

      I personally don’t like or I would not use one for two reasons, the first one, it may change the drawing experience and the image, it may change the way that the stylus behave and reacts to the screen.
      Second reason would be that the screens of cintiqs get a little bit warm, like any other screen monitor, and this can make the screen protector to dilate or even get stuck to the screen it they have some sort of glue or such.

      I would recommend (if you really want to use one) to use a screen protector that sticks to the screen without any kind of glue, those ones that use static energy to stick to a surface.

      I think I’ve answered this in some other comment, but here I’ll recommend what I use to keep my cintiqs working scratch free.

      Use a cotton glove, cut out thumb pointer and middle fingers out.
      every day before starting the device clean the screen with a soft cloth and a appropriated flat screen cleaner, one that don’t have alcohol.(make sure the device is turned off and the screen is not warm or hot)

      The reason for the glove is to not let your sweat and usual grease from our hands to lay and stick to the screen, this mixture along with dust can build up a emery film that by passing the stylus tip to draw can produce scratches.
      even with the gloves some sweat will lay on the screen, that’s why before working for the whole day, the screen cleaner comes in handy.

      I hope that this more or less answer your question.

      So far there it is not harm to use a screen protector, but it can affect the drawing experience.
      after all, Wacom team develop this tools making a lot of tests and if they don’t recommend or use a screen protector (or even sell one has a perk ;)) it may be cause it is not mandatory.

      any other doubt let me know and I’ll help in what I can!

      • Hello!

        I would like to know if using a screen protector film would harm/damage the Cintiq 13″ HD screen in any way?

        Wacom says it is not or necessity (trey one neutral on the subject of screen protectors for their devices), however, if one wishes to use it over the Cintiq screen, they can do so.

        What do you think?



        Mucho gracias, Pablo! 🙂
        One more thing. about those static screen protectors, the only ones I’ve found all have some sort of adhesive
        backing. I, too, prefer no adhesive.

        Any recommendations where I could get one, company, anything? (It’s okay because I can probably find one somewhere).

        Anyways, thank you again for your very useful advice and information. Much appreciated.



      • pablonavarro Says:

        Hi Lora,
        I’m glad you found the information useful!
        Unfortunately I’m not a big expert on screen protectors to know about brands or companies that produce them.
        it comes to my mind this sort of products that are used tho protect playstation portable or playstation vita screens, I know some are static and no glue on them….but of course they’re specific for those little screens…….don’t know if some company develops this kind of protectors for standard of Wacom products or if you can buy a bigger one and cut it out yourself.

        I’ll talk with the Wacom guys about it and I’ll post a comment if I get some info on the subject.

        Sorry I can’t be of more help with this.


  8. Hola again, Pablo!

    Just wanted to ask you about the Wacom Cintiq 13HD screen:
    Is it described as “semi-gloss” or perhaps “anti-glare”?

    Wacom’s site (the Americas region site) does not specify any such description of the screen under it’s ‘specifications’ column.

    In fact, I once saw the “semi-gloss”, “anti-glare” description on another Wacom region’s site (if my memory serves me correct).

    How would you describe the Cintiq’s screen?

    Also, if I were to use a clear screen protector for it, (found one made in Germany & in Canada), would the clear protector negate the benefits of the Cintiq’s screen if it really is “anti-glare”?

    Thank you, again!


    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hi Lora,

      Well, I would describe cintiq’s 13 screen has a anti-glare or semi-gloss screen.
      It is quite matte and reflections on the screen are minimized.

      The use of a screen protector would counter the anti-glare I think.

      If finaly you deside to use a screen protector (I think I comment before it is not necesary), try to find one of the same caracteristics of the screen, anti-glare.

      Again, the cintiq’a are devices that were not ment to be used with screen protectors, you may experience different results that what expected if a screen protector is added to it.
      Glares or reflections on the screen may be one of those unwanted results.

      Hope the info is useful to you!
      All the best,

  9. Hola Pablo,

    Soy diseñador e ilustrador y tengo dudas si comprar la Cintiq 24 HD Touch o la Cintiq 24 HD.

    He leido en muchas reviews que las capacidades “touch” por ahora están muy limitadas y a la hora de trabajar al final siempre acabas apagando dicha función.

    No sé si has podido comparar ambas pantallas puesto que entre ellas hay una diferencia de brillo, contraste y gama.

    Mi duda es si en tu opinión merece la pena pagar 1100€ que hay entre ambos modelos.

    Muchas gracias por tu ayuda,

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hola Gonzalo,
      Respondiendo a tu pregunta, solo he tenido oportunidad de usar la cintiq 24hd Touch, no he utilizado la cintiq 24hd.
      No estaba al tanto de que tuvieran diferencia de brillo, contraste y Gama, a decir verdad me suena un poco extraño que haya esta diferencia. Puedo decir que la gama de cintiq 24 traen softwares de calibracion de color, con lo que pueden ser calibradas a modo profesional.

      En mi caso particular, tengo desactivado el modo touch, ya que utilizo una version de Windows 7 y este sistema operativo no hace un buen uso ni exprime al maximo las posibilidades de las funciones touch.
      Por el contrario, poseo un Cintiq Companion con Windows 8 que basa su manejo en la tecnologia touch y funciona muy bien.

      La funcion touch no es absolutamente necesaria ahora mismo, pero si piensas en esta herramienta como una inversion (ya que te durara muchos años), todo acabara siendo touch o incluyendo la tecnologia touch, los paquetes de softwares creativos iran implementando mas y mas funcionalidad a esta tecnologia, porque es hacia donde esta llendo todo. Visto desde este punto de vista, comprar una Cintiq 24hd touch hoy es pensar a futuro y “estirar” mas su vida util (que ya te comentaba antes, estos productos tienen una vida util bastante longeva).

      En Resumen, Un Cintiq 24hd es un monstruo creativo con el cual podras crear y sentirte muy comodo, un Cintiq 24hd touch es lo mismo con el añadido que en un año o unos meses incluso tendras la posibilidad de utilizar funciones que los softwares iran implementando junto con los sistemas operativos.

      Si el presupuesto es una cuestion que tiene mucho peso en tu caso particular, pues tranquilamente puedes ir con un Cintiq 24hd y trabajaras de forma exelente y con muy buenos resultados.
      Si no tiene tanto peso y puedes permitirtelo, piensa en las funciones touch como una inversion a futuro medio o corto plazo.

      Espero te haya sido de utilidad la respuesta.
      Un saludo y gracias por comentar y seguir el blog.

      • Muchas gracias por tu respuesta Pablo.

        Estoy muy de acuerdo contigo que el futuro será 100% táctil. Pero mi duda sigue siendo si hoy por hoy merece pagar un 34% más por una capacidad que no está implementada en los softwares de Adobe y que quizá para cuando la implementen, la tecnología touch de la Cintiq 24 Touch esté obsoleta. Supongo que todo dependerá de si en Wacom han desarrollado el hardware y las funciones Touch pensando en el largo plazo o dentro de un año sacarán una Cintiq Touch 2.0.

        Lo que es seguro que me has animado a comprar una de las dos.

        Lo dicho, muchas gracias y enhorabuena por tu trabajo!

        Aquí tienes las especificaciones de ambas pantallas:

        DISPLAY Cintiq 24HD:

        Native Resolution – 1920 x 1200
        Numbers Of Colors – 16,7 Million
        Luminance – 190 cd/m2
        Contrast Ratio – 550:1
        Viewing Angle – 178°
        Multi-Touch – No
        Adobe RGB: 92%

        DISPLAY Cintiq 24HDTOUCH:

        Native Resolution – 1920 x 1200
        Numbers Of Colors – 1,07 Billion
        Luminance – 300 cd/m2
        Contrast Ratio – 850:1
        Viewing Angle – 178°
        Multi-Touch – Yes
        Adobe RGB: 96%

      • pablonavarro Says:

        Gracias por las especificaciones de pantalla, en efecto tienen diferencia, una cosa mas que hemos aprendido 😉
        Te comprendo lo que dices y estoy de acuerdo con ello, quizas y es probable que en un futuro salga una cintiq 24hd touch 2.0 o similar, y digo que es muy probable porque Wacom es una compania y una compania hace negocios y sacar al mercado productos nuevos es parte de ello.
        Lo que te comentaba de “invertir a futuro” es mas pensando como artista que trabaja en esto, mas cercano a la “calle” por decirlo de alguna forma.
        Mi razonamiento es el siguiente, en el caso de que por ejemplo yo, me compre una cintiq 24hd sin touch y unos meses o incluso un par de años luego saquen un modelo nuevo, no podria afrontar tal gasto cada año o cada 2 años para poder “renovar” la herramienta tan seguido, con lo cual estaria “estancado” con una cintiq sin touch durante mas tiempo hasta poder desembolsar nuevamente dinero para renovarla.
        YA te he comentado, si bien Wacom es una compania y hace negocios vendiendo tecnologia, sus productos son muy muy duraderos y si los cambias no es porque no funcionen si no porque lo nuevo te brinda mas prestaciones o simplemente queremos estar a la ultima.
        Cabe decir que en mi caso, he usado hasta este año mi Cintiq 21ux (de los primeros modelos que han salido) con lo cual desde que la compre en 2008 hasta mediados de este año approxx, la herramienta funcionaba de maravilla, fue solo una cuestion de renovarme mas que necesidad imperiosa de cambiar por estar obsoleta.
        Tambien, Wacom va agregando funcionalidades al renovar el driver de la tableta, lo cual aun mas extiende la vida util del aparato en funcion de lo que va saliendo a nivel de software al mercado.

        Solo eso aclararte mi punto de vista respecto a lo que te comentaba, es dificil o por lo menos en mi caso cambiar estos aparatos cada vez que uno nuevo ve la luz, por eso a mi me gusta planear la compra previendo cuanto tiempo de amortizacion necesita y cuanto tiempo estare trabajando con ella.

        Solo es mi opinion como artista que utiliza estos aparatos, si bien colaboro con Wacom en desarrollo y consultor artistico, mi opinion es libre y como te digo, la cintiq 24hd sin touch es una pasada, luego ya entramos en capacidad de presupuestos de cada uno y demas.

        Nada, espero que sea cual sea tu eleccion, lo pases bien creando con estas herramientas!

        Un saludo!

      • De nuevo gracias por tu consejo y cuando me decida ya compartiré mi experiencia.

        Un saludo!

  10. Creo haber leido que dices que se puiede utilizar el mismo pen en la 13hd y en la 24hd .
    En el foro de wacom me parecio leer que no es conveniente ya que llevan diferentes puntas segun el modelo , no se si sera por que llevan algun tipo de proteccion diferente

  11. Perdon no se si me he explicado bien , si se puede utilizar los mismos pen pero las puntas hay que utilizar el mismo tipo que las que vienen con cada modelo

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hola Ignacio,
      Hasta donde entiendo, las puntas son validas en la mayoria de lapices de Wacom, El lapiz de la cintiq 13hd es el Stylus Pro, pero los recambios de puntas son los mismos. Repito, hasta donde yo se.
      Yo utilizo las puntas felt tip, compro puntas en cantidad ya que se me gastan facilmente, y las utilizo tanto en el stylus de la 24 como en la de la 13, incluso en el del companion que trae el stylus pro como cintiq 13hd.

  12. Hola Pablo!
    Feliz Navidad!

    First of all, thank you for your response(s) to my questions. ( I think I trust your expertise better than Wacom)! 🙂

    Anyway, I recently bought the Cintiq 13HD. It indeed looks marvelous. I also, in the meantime, searched for a screen protector ad found the perfect size — from MartinFields, it was actually sized for the MacBook Air 11″ “screen and it fit perfectly. I also needed a Mini Display Port to HDMI adaptor, since my Macbook Pro had no HDMI port.

    Now that I am set and ready to go, I have One last question regarding the Cintiq:

    a) If I want to make the Cintiq screen as the main display, do I need to go to ” Display Preferences” & make the necessary adjustments such as…?

    b) If I want to have both screens the same, what adjustments are required?

    I understand one needs to place the Cintiq screen in ” extended” mode, as well as, if desired, making it the ” main display”. However, I’m not fully aware of proceeding just yet for fear of usurping the set-up.

    Any advice?

    Thanks again.

    Mucho gracias.

    Have a great Christmas & a very happy New Year!


    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hi Lora,
      Sorry for this late responce.
      I don’t know much about Mac, I’m a PC user.
      In windows, you open the resolution panel, for changing screen resolutions, in there you have the option to choose from the screens that are connected which one will be the main screen and which ones will have the extended desktop.
      Sorry I cannot be of more help with this subject, I’am mostly an artist than a computer ingeneer 😉
      and happy new year!

  13. I have just acquired a Cintiq 24 HD and am messing with it in photoshop to familiarize myself with the drawing feeling. Which animation software do you use in conjunction with your tablet. I have Toon Boom Animate but only use it as a pencil tester, after scanning my drawings…

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hi Jean-Pierre,

      I use several softwares, depending on what the studio I work with have as their main software, so far I used flash, Toon Boom and tv paint.
      I have to say that Tvpaint have the most confortable feeling to draw animation.
      Hope this was of help,
      Thanks for reading,

  14. Hola Pablo, acabo de comprar una 13 HD y veo que la pantalla tiene como una especie de ruido como el que describe una chica más arriba, no es debido a suciedad o sudor porque es en toda la pantalla y la acabo de comprar. No es muy molesto, si bien es verdad que yo trabajo bastante pegado a la pantalla y a lo mejor estoy mal acostumbrado por la pantalla del ipad. Es normal esta especie de grano/ruido en la pantalla o es un fallo de mi cacharro? Saludos y gracias de antemano. Oscar.

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hola Oscar,
      Hasta donde se, es normal, mi Cintiq 13hd tambien tiene esta especie de “ruido”, yo no lo encuentro molesto la verdad.
      No te preocupes, tu cintiq no esta defectuosa, disfrutala mucho y enhorabuena!

      • Hola Pablo, gracias por la respuesta. La verdad es que cuantos más días pasan, más me acostumbro a ella y a ese grano que ya casi ni aprecio, por lo demás es una gozada. Un saludo!!!

  15. Hi, Hola, Pablo! You artwork is amazing! I am very happy YOU are on wordpress! Thank you for sharing such a great post 🙂 Your tips and advice!
    By the way, I have read Posrus makes a antiglare screen protector for this tablet. I haven’t bought either yet but have been thinking about making the investment for a while. Your post is VERY helpful in making my decision! Muchas Gracias!

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hi Niried, you’re very welcome, I’m glad that this post was helpful for you! I’ll take note of this screen protector you mentioned, so far i wasn’t in need of one, but is good to know, if not for me for some reader that may find it useful! thanks for sharing! keep on creating and thanks for reading!! all the best, Pablo

  16. che la wacom cintiq 13 sirve para hacer animacion 2d o hay modelos mejores?
    onda la puedo conectar con mi computadora y animar con cualquier programa y remarcar escaneos de dibujos en lapis?

    • Hola Jose,
      La cintiq13 sirve para hacer animacion 2d si.
      Si hay modelos mejores? claro que los hay, pero todo depende del presupuesto que dispongas y el uso que le des a la herramienta.
      La cintiq 13 es un modelo que se ha pensado para ser transportable, algo portatil, de viaje, si bien tiene todas las funcinalidades de los modelos mas grandes como ser cintiq 22, cintiq 27, no es muy comodo para pasar 12 horas dibujando.
      Es un producto que se ha pensado para artistas que necesitan moverse a estudios externos llevandose su propio material.
      Si trabajas en un sitio fijo, ya sea tu casa, un estudio o estudio propio, lo recomendable seria una cintiq 22, o 27 si el presupuesto llega.
      Todas las cintiqs son en resumen monitores sobre los que puedes dibujar con una presicion enorme, por lo cual, los puedes conectar a cualquier ordenador y trabajar con ellos, es mas, una cintiq sin ordenador es igual de util que un reactor nuclear sobre una bicicleta, por si solo no sirve para nada.
      Exceptuando el caso de cintiq companion 2 que es un cintiq con un ordenador incorporado, y a su vez tienes la posibilidad de utilizarlo como un cintiq normal conectandolo a otro ordenador.

      Espero que la informacion te haya sido util,

      Un saludo,

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