Cartoon Connection Quebec is a wrap!

I was invited to give a Masterclass at the Cartoon Connection event in Quebec City, Canada.

Thank you to all the passionated people who attended the conference, it was a pleasure to share and to spend time with you all!

I hope that you all went out of that room motivated and inspirated to create great animation performances and continue your careers with passion!


Thank you Cartoon Connection and thank you great animation people!

All the best!


4 Responses to “Cartoon Connection Quebec is a wrap!”

  1. Fue un gusto tenerte por aqui Pablo!! espero que vengas a visitar por un periodo mas largo para la proxima y claro.. vente en verano! jejejeje… un abrazo!

    Daniel Huertas.

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Un gusto tambien por mi parte haber tenido la oportunidad de conocerte!
      Me ha gustado mucho tu trabajo y la fuerza y dedicacion que le pones!
      Ya volvere por Quebec, procurare que sea verano si!
      Estamos en contacto!
      Abrazo grande!

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