Againstallodds Raid two Faced

It is a long time since I don’t post some work, unfortunately some of the work I’ve done is not released yet so I can’t post it.
But….here is one nice little advertisement I had the pleasure to work for.
The company is Againstallodds, based in Stockholm, great studio, great artists, great people there.
The commercial was made for Raid, and it was a pleasure since I never had the chance to animate in one of Raids iconic commercials….but hey there it is always a first time!
Hope y’all like it


Produced by

Animation was done digitally AND traditionally with TVpaint animation pro 10 on Wacom Cintiq tablets.


2 Responses to “Againstallodds Raid two Faced”

  1. Great job on this commercial! I remember seeing it a little while ago and being blown away by the character designs and the smooth animation.

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hi Edwin,
      Glad you like it! character design was made on the studio I was in charge of some of the animation.
      Thank you for your comment!

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