Visiting Barcelona’s Zoo

Here I’ll share with you all, some drawings from my last visit to Barcelona’s Zoo.

It is strange to draw at the Zoo you know….as soon as someone sees you drawing, you become the new attraction! 🙂

Definitively, next time,  I’ll put a sign on my back  saying….”don’t feed the artist!” 😉

Hope you all enjoy the drawings!


12 Responses to “Visiting Barcelona’s Zoo”

  1. Cool drawings !
    Happy New Year !

  2. Hey!
    Lovely animal studies…
    And I never saw your Titeuf tests! They are Awesome! I think a lot of people found the models tricky to do, but you got them spot on!
    Hope you have a terrific 2012!!
    All the best,

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hey Laurent!
      thanks for the comment!
      glad you like the Titeuf roughs! oh boy it was a tricky character to draw! indeed.
      all the best for this 2012

  3. ¡Estos esbozos de animales son geniales!

    Lo cierto es que la gente suele ser muy curiosa… nadie te hizo una foto mientras dibujabas? de recuerdo del zoo?

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Esta vez solo fue mi mujer la que me ha hecho fotos, pero en otras ocasiones me ha pasado de que la gente haga fotos…..:)
      Gracias por tu comentario, me alegro te gustaran los dibujos!

  4. Hey Pablo – Nice drawings and I really like that nice bag! Go CTNX. Let’s see you again this year. ~Tina Price Founder of The Creative Talent Network

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hey guys!
      Thanks for the nice comment!! have you noticed the bag?!! it is great for drawing raids 🙂
      Sure, lets see us again! it will be a pleasure!
      Long live CTNX!

  5. U R An Incredible Artist Pablo….

  6. Hey Bro,
    Been a while since I have visited the site. I love the new stuff! You have any animation you’re currently working on? Let me know. Take care.

    • pablonavarro Says:

      ‘sup men!
      thanks, glad you like the new stuff!
      indeed I have new animation, but I can display it yet, cause most of it had not been released yet.
      as soon as I can put it I will!


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