Creative Talent Network Expo Panel and Book Signature






It is  confirmed, I’m gonna be talking animation with two great Animation Masters, Andreas Deja and Tony Derosa.

The Panel is called Animation Insiders and it will take place on Sunday November 21th at the Academy Room 2 at 10:00Am.

And on Sunday 21th too, I’ll be signing Animation Insiders book copies, sponsored by Nucleus Gallery, at the Special Events room, at 1:30Pm.

Here you’ll find a link to the schedule of events within the Creative Talent Network Expo.

Don’t miss either the participation of Renaud Armanet from TigoboAnimation Studios!.


Hope to see you all over there!


2 Responses to “Creative Talent Network Expo Panel and Book Signature”

  1. Muchos éxitos!!

    No la podes creer estar ahí en el medio no?

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Fue increible, y al final se sumo al evento Eric Goldberg!
      fue un placer hablar con ellos de animacion!

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