Animation Insiders Book: Pablo’s Chapter for FREE Download!

Hello ya’ll!!

In the web site of Animation Insiders, you’re gonna find the chapter I’ve wrote for free, along with Mike Nguyen’s one too!

It is a great opportunity to have a taste of what the book’s all about.

And don’t forget that the book isfull of chapters like this ones, with great texts and experiences from the best animators in the animation community.

If you didn’t have the chance to get one book, or you are not sure to get one, this is the chance to taste a bit of what’s inside Animation Insiders!

Follow the link to download the free chapters!

Hope ya’ll like it! like I enjoy writing it šŸ˜‰


4 Responses to “Animation Insiders Book: Pablo’s Chapter for FREE Download!”

  1. Pedrito me trajo un ejemplar de Annecy!!, pero todavĆ­a no puede encontrarme con Ć©l.
    Asi que cuando lo tenga lo disfrutarƩ con olorcito a papel y tinta.


  2. Hello ..I’ve realy enjoy reading a very little bit of the first two pages of Paplo’s chapter,but belive it or not in the middle of my ambitious reading I found my self being blocked with a Forbidden messag(You do not have permission to access this document)…Why ??? I realy wich to complete reading this chapter I think there is too mush animation wisdom in it ..
    Please,if you can & if not bothers you send me this PDF doc. to my email or post another link …
    ps: in my country we are blocked from the useful sites & from buying things on the net.
    sorry for bothering”empeƱo” & “duraciĆ³n excesiva” thanks!

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hi there!
      Good news, you can continue reading the chapter, the web site is operational again, no error messages or forbidden access issues!
      The publisher had a little trouble with the web site but is working again so, enjoy the read!

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