Animation Insiders Book Series it’s finally out for sale!!


Price per book : 29.99$ (US)

Animation Insiders s a series of books dedicated to animation. Theses books are a compilation of know-how, experience and anecdotes from talented animators. Each book explore a new theme. Animation Insiders is aimed at people who are passionate about animation, those who are looking to surpass their limits and acquire new techniques. Animation Insiders is the perfect tool to learn from the best animators. For more information about Animation Insiders contact us at

I had the honor to participate in this great book, and finally it’s out for sale!

I encourage you all to get a copy of it! it’s a great book full of experiences and tips from top great animators.

Check the web site for more info.




You can download for free the ebook at


20 Responses to “Animation Insiders Book Series it’s finally out for sale!!”

  1. Voy corriendo a por mi copia!!

    Debe ser muy interesante aprender trucos y consejos de tanto gran artista junto….me ha encantado el detalle de tu caricatura 😉

    A ver si ya no te pierdo la pista Pablo
    Un placer volver a saber de ti ^^

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hola Ruth!

      Ja ja ja ja las caricaturas estan de muerte si! todo un detalle del creador del libro… mas interesante que poner una foto no?!

      Un abrazo
      estamos en contacto!

  2. Jajajja…Que grande Pablo !!! ( Y Pedrito también!!!).
    Vamos a intentar obtener un ejemplar.


    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hola Ignacio!
      Ja ja ja ja ja que loco no?!
      La ultima andanza de los picapiedras….Pedro y Pablo…….que tiempos aquellos donde nos llamaban asi……recuerdos…..
      Si conseguis un ejemplar, ya me contaras que te ha parecido!

      Un fuerte abrazo!

  3. félécitation my friend.


    • pablonavarro Says:

      Mon Ami!!

      Congratulations to you too!!! It’s a honor and a pleasure to share experiences with you in this book!

      Long live OA!


  4. Super congrats Pablo. Your contribution to the book is unique to say the least. From personal experiences to actual workflow tips, it was one of my favorite portions of the book 😉

    Congrats amigo!

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Issam my men!!!! How are you doing?!

      Thanks men, I’m flattered by your words! I’m really happy you like what I’ve wrote for the book!

      Big hugs for you too Amigo!

  5. Clement Le Nezet Says:

    Hello Pablo, I was a student of Pat beaulieu and now I’m animator for a small company in Quebec, and I just want to say that i really like your article in the Animation Insider’s book because I find me in some part that you wrote and other that let me thinking about how can I ameliorate my way to animate. Thank you for you knowledge.
    P.S. : The design of Ace of Spades are very nice !!


    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hi there Clement!

      Well, what can I say……I’m very happy that what you found within the book is of help to you! It means a lot to me and to the other artists and to Patrick too, that people enjoy the reading and most important, that they found it helpful!
      Thanks a lot for sharing you thoughts on the book, I appreciate it!
      Glad you like the design of Ace of Spades!!!!! let’s cross our fingers so the next jump of Ace of Spades will be from a book to the silver screen!!

      Thanks again for your comment!
      All the best!

  6. Walid Bakary Says:

    Hi Pablo,

    I’m a student in animation in Quebec, and I recently got a copy of the book. I went through your article and I really felt the need to write you today to express my gratitude with what you have shared with us in that article. I wish I had the words to explain properly how It made me feel. Really inspiring stuff! I can’t thank you enough for that. Every now and then when I’m down and when the animation isn’t going properly for me I always go and read your article again to make me keep going. A big thank you Pablo!!!


    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hi Walid,

      Thank you very much for your words! I’m really happy that what you found within the book is an inspiration for you and a relieve when things don’t go has we had planned…..I’m very touched by your words……I wish you all the best in your career, thank you for reading!
      Receive a big hug !
      All the best!!!

  7. Hey Pablo!

    Congrats for the book and the beatiful work, man!

    Hasta la vistoria siempre!

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Cristinel!!! Thanks men!! I just got my copy of the book! it’s great, all the experiences and tricks from all the talented animators make it a valuable tool for animators!
      Hope you are doing swell! big hugs for ya my friend!
      Long live heavy metal!

  8. Having some trouble with the link. Is the book no longer available?

    • pablonavarro Says:

      I’m having problems too to access the web site….I’m gonna check with the editor to see if there it is any problem with it.

  9. pankaj kushwaha Says:

    i want to buy this book ………….. can anyone suggest on which site this book is available ……??????

  10. Surely I will go through this book and hope it will add new technique to my work

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