Venus and the Sun

I’m working too in another short film, titled Venus and the Sun.

Some time ago, my friend Lottie Hope (animation producer of the short film) pass me a draft of the script, and I found it quite amusing and interesting!

So, almost a year after, the script is finished and the machine ready to start rolling!

Now I’m the animation director and I’m designing some of the characters that will appear in the short film.

The short film is a mix of live action footage and traditional animation.

The starring actress is Kelley Hazell, a sculptural top model, in what will be Her first step into acting.

To check on the synopsis and know more about this project check the links below

Here are some of the designs I been making for the film.

Here they are, some more designs for the short film, as you can see too in the official blog of the short film.

This time is the wild Boar that will chase one of the main characters, a nasty beast yeap!!

“And now for something completely different….” the new bulls for the project posted!

Thanks for watching!!


18 Responses to “Venus and the Sun”

  1. Que bueno, Pablo. Espero que estos trabajos esten siendo unas bonitas experiencias para ti, que al final es de lo que se trata. Disfruta de estas nuevas oportunidades, y mucha suerte con todo!

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hola Misael!!!!
      Asi es estan siendo buenas experiencias!
      Gracias por el comentario!
      Un abrazo grande y espero ver cosas tuyas pronto!
      Eres un muy buen animador!

  2. Hi Pablo ! how are you, I was wondering if it was you. how are thing ? You’re still as amazing as, ever a real talent,
    I was looking over you’re work, extaordinary !
    it would be great to hear how you are.

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hi there men!! Long time no see!

      I’m fine thanks!
      Thank you for the compliments!
      You’re still has good has I remember, even better!! love the paintings you have in your blog men!

      John, it was cool to heard from you , keep in touch!!
      and keep it up with your art men, its incredibly cool!!!


  3. Hey Pablo !
    Thank you very much ! I remember you were an extraordinary Artist and animator, just pure natural, and a real inspiration to work with !
    Absolutely ! my email is john [a] like above , It would be great to keep in touch Pablo, definitely.
    It was just lucky I recognized your name the other day, I spotted the amazing work and then the name and put 2 and 2 together 🙂

    Its great to hear form you Pablo
    take care

  4. Es increible el arte q realizas,el ritmo y la actuacion q logras con los personajes son buenisimas, felcitaciones… , paro siguiendo todos tus trabajos, demos, arte , etc … y la verdad me quedo admirado cada vez q los veo , por el nivel q tienes, la verda es genial . exito

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hola Jorge, Muchas gracias por el comentario y tus palabras!
      La verdad es que me pondre colorado de tanto alago!!
      Recuerda que nada es imposible si se suministra la suficiente cantidad de esfuerzo!
      A seguir soñando !

      Un abrazo!

      Vos tambien tenes muy buenas cosas en tu blog!

  5. gracias por el consejo

  6. i really love these, the characters look so clumesy and unelegant but really relaxed( not your drawings, they are lovely and amzing) just like how cows are in real life. I though the way you used the hooves as hands was really smart cause they look beliveable but also really solid.

    Slick stuff dude i’m going to go and get some paper and do some doodling.

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hi Patrick,

      Thanks for the nice comment!
      Yes, the premise was to make the characters look clumsy and kinda stupid, they are supposed to be road workers, the kind of road workers that say nasty things to beautiful girls when they pass by……and one beautiful girl transform them into stupid cows by reciting some Latin spell as they scream at her some nasty words……

      The hands and the hooves whore something tricky to do….I come with this by mixing both…..don’t know seemed a good idea at the time, and still looks like I good idea now 😉

      I hope that the piece of paper that you got is full of beautifull drawings by now!!!

      All the best men!
      Thanks for watching!

  7. Great blog there monkey boy!
    I am so going to follow you now. 😀

  8. Great stuff here, congratulations.

    Keep on posting.

  9. Hola Pablo… ¿Cómo estás? Veo que no paras de hacer cosas. Proyectos cortos pero de gran calidad !!! De este último me han encantado los diseños del toro, las expresiones faciales, sobretodo los perfiles. Muy muy chulos. ¿sigues por Francia? En cualquier caso, felicidades por tu siempre buen hacer y nada, cuídate. Nos vemos!

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hola Toni!!
      Muchas gracias! un honor viniendo de un gran artista como vos!
      Ya estoy de vuelta en la querida Barcelona, aunque sigo en el projecto Frances.
      Un abrazo grande,
      Nos vemos!

  10. Hola Pablo!muy buenos tus laburos,veo que seguis por europa trabajando.
    debes ser el unico de la animacion de la argentina que esta en el exterior trabajando todavia,la verdad que es todo un merito.
    soy leandro,nos vimos justo antes de que te vayas para españa en lo de omar.
    Te Mando un abrazo y me alegra que sigas alla laburando.

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hola Leandro,
      Muchas gracias, me alegro que te gusten mis trabajos. Tengo un vago recuerdo de aquella reunion en lo de Omar……han pasado ya casi 10 años……supongo que de verte me acordaria bien de vos, pero en este momento la memoria me juega una mala pasada.
      Un abrazo grande y que todos podamos seguir laburando de lo que nos gusta!!

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