Tigobo Animation short film OA on the works

I’m in France right now, Angouleme, working for a studio called Tigobo Animation.

Follow the link to see some work samples


I’m doing a short film with the independent filmmaker Renaud Armanet, the style of the animation is very rough and very loose, interesting to do and interesting to watch.

The short film is titled OA, and tells the internal journey to freedom of a men who’s been a  slave of society rules.

The short film already had won the presentation on the Cannes Film Festival, so we are working now to have the complete piece for the next year festival.

As soon as I can show something of the animation Ill post some of it here.

Here is a link on the website where you can see the short films in development


Reno is a great artist and very creative, so I can say that the short film will be awesome in the look  and style…….and of course in the animation!

I will post more stuff related soon!

Thanks for reading and visiting!


2 Responses to “Tigobo Animation short film OA on the works”

  1. esperamos ver pronto algo de ese material!!! 😀
    seguro es tremendo el corto, por como hablas de él debe ser animación salvaje!


    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hola Eva!

      Todavia seguimos trabajando en el corto, asi que de momento no puedo subir nada al blog, espero poder poner cosas en breve.
      La animacion es algo distinto de lo que he estado haciendo ultimamente, una mezcla entre animacion experimental y full animation, a mi me gusta mucho el resultado!

      Espero poder compartirlo con todos en breve!

      Muchas gracias por tu comentario!!

      Un saludo!

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