Gatorade – Forest Jamboree with Tiger Woods, traditional full animation Disney style

This Woods of Wisdom spot was directed by Rune Bennicke and Jean Perramon at Pepper Films

for client Gatorade Tiger

Agency – TBWA\Chiat\Day

The Animation was done in Animagic, the former studio of the incredible ex-Disney artist Sergio Pablos.
I work on it in a few scenes for Animagic…….there is allways a honor to work with someone like Sergio.
I enjoyed a lot working on this Disney Quality full animation spot!
Here it is the full spot plus the rough animation scenes that I’ve done.
Enjoy some pencil and paper on action!!!


18 Responses to “Gatorade – Forest Jamboree with Tiger Woods, traditional full animation Disney style”

  1. Amazing works, they are so beautiful!!!! Congratulation!! Cheers ^^!!

  2. Que bien, Pablo. Como siempre, un trabajo genial.
    Me gustan especialmente el movimiento de la paloma y tambien el uso de las formas repetidas para simular la velocidad en la tortuga. Que bien que sigas haciendo 2D.

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hola Santi,
      Gracias, me alegro que te gustara el trabajo.
      Asi es la sensacion de velocidad en la tortuga esta lograda con dibujos deformados, un truco tecnico propio de la animacion tradicional para este tipo de efectos.
      Un saludo!

  3. i saw this a couple of weeks ago and it blew me away. Now that i know animagic did it i can understand. I really hope one day i’ll be good enough to work there. Really nice job. Did Mr Pablos animate any of the scenes.

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hi Patrick,
      Yes, Animagic have an incredible team of artists!
      Sergio was supervising the animation in Animagic, but I think He didn’t animate scenes, but He designed some of the characters I guess.
      Well thanks for the comment!

      all the best!

  4. I really like this commercial, I was curious who had done it. Great job, it’s really well done!

  5. Hi Pablo,

    Very impressive work

    John Byrne (ex Filmax)

  6. Thanks for adding me to your link list .

  7. Disney has created a style that has marked the history of the animation….
    but they are the artists whom they love to work with the forms that make the differences.
    You are one of these!

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hi Silvio,
      Wow, what a nice words you left on your comment!
      Thank you very much,
      Compliments back to you.

      All the best,

  8. Hola Pablo: soy de Argentina y trabajé un tiempo en animación tradicional como intercalador.
    El trabajo que ustedes hicieron para Gatorade está increíble y me pone feliz de que se hagan laburos tan buenos en otras partes del mundo. Te felicito che, que sigan los éxitos.

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hola Hugo,

      Gracias por tu comentario, me alegro te guste mi trabajo.
      Por lo que he visto en tu blog, en el momento en el que trabajaste en animacion yo ya estaba fuera de Argentina, una lastima, seguramene hubieramos coincidido en algun estudio.

      Que sigan los exitos para vos tambien
      Un saludo,

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