Flying Heroes Sequence 510 Rough Animation WIP

Well, there it is…..the last sequence of rough animation left in the hard drive!

Hope you all enjoy watching!


10 Responses to “Flying Heroes Sequence 510 Rough Animation WIP”

  1. Wow, really nice work Pablo. I love seeing the rough animation, it is much more interesting than the final colored and inked versions.

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hi Vincent,

      Thanks, glad you like it!
      Oh yea, rough animation is the most interesting thing to watch, unfortunately after all the post production process the animation usually becomes….stiffy…..don’t know, it loose something.

  2. Yes. Old movies as “101 dalmatians” or “The Aristocats” still conserves part of this lovely rough quality. Even the first lines the animator draws to “start defining” the character shapes are evident. So you can see the artist behind, the craftsman touch. Just look the beast transformation to human in “Beauty and the Beast”, for example. Not only the clean up and colouring steps kill this touch, but all the visual effects they put on top, (rays of light shining from his fingers, etc). Maybe we need to return to the Xerox process! (At least I will be happy!)

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hi Santi,
      Agreed, the clean up process takes out some part of the “life” in the drawing.
      The xerox process was developed I guess to fight two problems in the production line, first an artistic problem, the one we are talking about, to kept that life in the drawings, not making them “cold” by tracing them back with ink in a cel, the second thing was to optimize the time in the process, imagine that xeroxing drawings was faster than inking drawings one by one! but the xerox process it still needs clean up, a rough clean up, what we call in nowadays, the tie down process, the last step in rough animation before the scene enters into clean up departments.
      Yes Disney, the man behind the mouse, didn’t like the xerox films……….It is funny, Walt Disney didn’t want to do animation, He liked to do live action, but on those times (like in our times too!!!) it was really difficult for a “rookie” to direct a movie, sooooo He turn to animation, by doing so, He believed that the Studios Moguls will give him the chance to do live action, but that thing never comes, so the best way to achieve this was to keep on going into animation, and He decided to do Snow White.
      By the time they treat him like a crazy man, one hour and a half of animation?!!!! they think, this man is out of His mind!!!! none can take a hour and a half of silly characters running around and hitting each other with big hammers!
      Thats why Walt Disney was “obsessed” with realism, believability, He wanted to the audience to watch animation like if they were watching a live action movie.
      I guess that from this point of view we can understand that He didn’t like the Xerox era, the fact that you can see that what you’re watching are drawings move, make Him feel like He was loosing believability.
      But you achieve believability by animation, so xerox or not xerox those movies will be classics forever, not because of the graphic style……but for the animation, that make you believe those characters are thinking and felling things.
      I will stop writing now……I can go for hours talking about animation!
      Time to work now!

  3. Mayby everything depends on what is your concept of beauty. It seems that for Disney (the man) beauty was related to “perfect cleaning”. He didn´t liked the first Xerox films!

  4. Hola Pablo,

    Queria dejarte un comentario porque me facina tu animacion, y como en las pruebas de linea se puede apreciar bien tus trazos, los tiempos, los pesos, muy precisa la verdad. Te felicito por tu trabajo. Muchas gracias por compartirla con nosotros. Voy a volver pronto!


    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hola Nicolas,

      Muchas gracias por tu comentario!
      Me alegro que te guste mi trabajo.
      La verdad es que la animacion se disfruta mas viendola en prueba de linea……..sin desmerecer el trabajo de todos los artistas involucrados en los procesos posteriores al rough, pero para un animador, no hay nada mejor para “aprender” e “inspirarse” que ver pruebas de linea.
      Nuevamente muchas gracias y vuelve cuando quieras, espero poder poner mas cosas en breve.

      Un saludo.

  5. Hola, Pablo. Si me lo permites, me gustaria hacerte una pregunta técnica por la que siento curiosidad. Observando de nuevo tus animaciones, he notado como en ocasiones el dibujo se transparenta dejando ver el fondo, y como en otros momentos el personaje esta “pintado” de blanco y no deja ver lo que se encuentra detrás. ¿Pintas esos dibujos y luego los exportas con canal alfa a un programa de test de linea que lo reconozca? ¿O la escena esta compuesta directamente en un programa de edicion como Adobe Premiere o After Effects? Muchas gracias anticipadas. Espero que todo te vaya bien y, como siempre, muchas gracias por compartir e inspirarnos con tus trabajos.

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hola Santi,
      Respondiendo a tu pregunta, la mayoria de las pruebas de linea, estan hechas con un software llamado CTP. Este software permite pintar los dibujos de forma facil sin dificultad por debajo de la linea negra a lapiz.
      Cuando tenemos una prueba de linea con un fondo muy recargado, para lograr una mejor lectura y un buen visionado, a veces pintamos los dibujos de la animacion y bajamos la opacidad del fondo.
      Cuando pasa lo que estas viendo, de que algunos dibujos no estan pintados, mas que una cuestion tecnica, es que seguramente por temas de produccion no nos ha dado tiempo a pintar todos los fotogramas y algunos han quedado sin pintar.
      Si bien es facil y simple de pintar de esta forma con el software este, nadie te quita que para pintarte toda una animacion estes un buen rato, y dentro de una produccion, muchas veces no tienes ese “buen rato” para desperdiciar pintando dibujos, sino que lo tienes que utilizar para hacer la proxima escena que tienes sobre el tablero!
      Bueno espero te sirva la respuesta.
      Un abrazo,
      Gracias por seguir este blog!

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