Nocturna Cat Shepherd and Cats studies

Well here they are some more stuff from the Nocturna’s vault of memories!

This is part of the info I did for this two characters on the film.

I was supervising animator of this characters and I had to develop the way this characters should move and act on the screen so the animators have enough info when they were animating.

Hope you all enjoy watching.


8 Responses to “Nocturna Cat Shepherd and Cats studies”

  1. more than enjoyable! the typical navarrinzi model packs…a treasure to look at!

  2. Muy bueno Pablo!!! Que bueno poder ver trabajos tuyos.
    Abrazo desde Argentina.

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hola Ignacio!!

      Tanto tiempo!
      Igualmente he seguido tu blog regularmente, que pedazo de artista estas hecho!!!!
      Un abrazo grande desde el otro lado del oceano!

      Gracias por tu comentario, me alegro te guste el blog!

  3. Fantastic drawings, could you tell me where the name Tobermory came from please, rather curious

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hi Angus,
      Thanks glad you liked my work!
      I honestly don’t know the origin for the cat’s name in the movie, now that you mentioned, I’ll ask the directors, but I think maybe, they choose the name cause it matched the general mood of Nocturna’s universe.

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