IBM Green Machine commercial

This is a commercial I worked in August 2008.

The company was Againstallodds, a great place to work with really nice and talented people.
Check out the web page on the companies list on the right side.

The animation director was Niklas Rissler, a really talented animator and director.

The other animator involved in this commercial short was Daniel Alcaraz, you can see His blog on the “Good Artists, Good friends” blog’s  list on the right side.

The commercial was done entirely in Flash MX using wacom intuos 3 tablets.

I’ll post some of the rough animation soon.

By the way, I’ve done the greenery on the right and bottom, the bee, the frog and the butterfly.

Latter on, the skunk was replaced by a chipmunk, but I don’t have that version.


4 Responses to “IBM Green Machine commercial”

  1. JAJAJA! genial tio…muy logrado!

  2. Alimaña roja Says:

    Pues.. si quieres la versión de la ardilla, solo tienes que pedirla… chato. Un abrazo master!

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