Donkey Xote Info on Rocinante

This are some of the info I did for the feature film “DONKEY XOTE” produced by Filmax Animation.

The meaning of this plates were to make clear to the modeling, setup and rigging team how a 4 legged animal anatomy works.


6 Responses to “Donkey Xote Info on Rocinante”

  1. Estas imagenes me ayudaron mucho, estoy modelando un burro fotorealista y puesto que son muy parecidos a los caballos me estoy apoyando en estas notas ¡buenas notas!

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Si la anatomia de los burros y los caballos son similares, me alegro que te sean de ayuda! esa era la intencion de estos posts!.
      Gracias por tu comentario
      Un saludo!

  2. Kwangeun Choi Says:

    hi, my name is Kwangeun Choi working in korean game developer.
    your explanation is awesome so if you don’t mind I’d love to translate these and introduce to korean animator’s internet community.
    please let me know if it’s ok.

    • pablonavarro Says:

      Hi Kwangeun,
      I don’t mind you translating those! but please let the animators know who did those ;)!!
      I’m writing a book about locomotion methods on animals, so in a future I’m gonna expand on the subject.
      So yes kwangeun, translate those, but please, don’t forget to keep my name on those 😉

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